Quality internet access is important to business travelers

Quality internet access is important to business travelers

In addition to having a desire for business class tickets, many professional travelers have their own unique set of preferences when they are staying in new locations.

Accor Asia Pacific recently analyzed the likes and dislikes of business travelers in the Asia Pacific region, Australian Business Traveller reported. To gain these opinions, Accor surveyed 10,437 professionals from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand and Thailand, and found that having a good internet connection is among their top priorities.

The majority of survey respondents reported that when staying in hotels, reasonably priced internet service that allows for fast download speeds is preferred, according to the news source. More corporate travelers would choose this option over slower web access that is free of charge.

"The question of internet access remains a contentious one,” said Evan Lewis, Accor Asia Pacific’s vice president of communications. As quoted by the news outlet “Many hotels across the region now offer limited free internet access, which does satisfy the needs of a large number of travelers, but for corporate travelers who need to work in their rooms, prepare reports or presentations or download large attachments, the issue is more of speed and capacity.”

Lewis added that this business travel preference has led many Australian companies to negotiate bed and broadband deals, rather than the traditional bed and breakfast combination.

Furthermore, Accor found that several of the participating corporate travelers valued technological services over personal ones, according to the news outlet. For instance, having the ability to check-in or check-out of a hotel over the internet is highly desirable, as is good coverage for individuals’ smartphones. However, some professionals are also happy to email or print airline tickets from the internet terminals that many hotels offer.

Beyond their preference for quality internet service, the survey results revealed other characteristics and opinions of today’s Asia Pacific business traveler. The news outlet reported that of the respondents, only 29 percent were female.

Of the professionals who purchase business class airfares, Australians were found to have the highest travel allowance - an average of U.S. $158 per night, the news source reported.

Across the globe, spending on business travel is expected to increase by 9.2 percent throughout the year, according to recently released research data from the Global Business Travel Association.

By Jason Faulkner

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