Singapore Airlines to offer private jet transfer service

Long layovers may be a thing of the past, thanks to the new private jet transfer service that Singapore Airlines will (soon) be offering to passengers flying from Australia.

The airline recently announced that it will partner with Lufthansa's Private Jet services, which will mean that long-haul passengers flying to one of Singapore Airlines' 14 European Destinations will be able to continue their trip on a private jet, according to The Independent.

The private jet service is similar to PrivateConnect, the British Airways partnership with CitationAir, which provides private jet connections in North America for travelers arriving on British Airways.

The service, which is provided by Star Alliance partners Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa, will use a fixed price based on distance - regardless of the number of travelers, according to the news source. Prices start at €6,900.

Travelers that like the finer things in life will be happy to know that there is a dedicated "Private Jet Manager" on board, who will arrange for catering, baggage transfer, limousine service and customs clearance.

The airline expects the service to be popular with their first class passengers, who regularly enjoy the private suites on the A380 plane, which services London, Paris and Zurich.



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