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DATA PROTECTION CONSENT I understand and acknowledge that: (a) the global alliance of travel management companies trading under the name AccessFares and any successors in title (collectively, “AccessFares”) have been engaged to provide travel agency and related management information reporting services ("Services"); (b) in the course of providing the Services, AccessFares will collect, process, and transfer the data I provide to AccessFares about me and my travel preferences (which may include payment information, data relating to my health (e.g. if I request wheelchair access), my special dietary requirements, etc.) and other information relating to my travel activities (collectively, "my data"); (c) my data will inevitably be transferred across international borders during AccessFares provision of the Services; and (d) certain countries have data privacy and protection laws that are generally more rigorous than those of other countries, and that some countries have no such laws at all.

I hereby explicitly consent to: (a) AccessFares collecting, processing, and transferring my data (including across international borders) as necessary in relation to AccessFares provision of the Services, which shall include (amongst other things): (i) creating, storing, and administering my data and this traveler profile; (ii) transferring my data to airlines, hotels, global distribution and other reservation systems, car hire, and other travel related suppliers; (iii) collecting and processing my data and transferring it as part of their management information and travel monitoring requirements from time to time; (iv) transferring my data amongst AccessFares members and their data storage and other service providers as necessary for the provision of the Services; (v) fulfilling customer satisfaction survey requirements; (vi) as required by law or other regulatory/auditing requirements; and (vii) to fulfil any existing bookings to your company and/or any travel company(ies) appointed as a replacement for, or in addition to, AccessFares; and (b) transferring (or arranging for the transfer) to AccessFares of the travel-related data about me currently held by them and/or their travel agent(s).

I understand, acknowledge, and confirm that: (a) my data will not be passed to third parties for their direct marketing purposes; (b) I will always provide accurate information to AccessFares and will update my data as necessary, and, in the absence of any update, AccessFares may assume that my data I have provided is correct; (c) I can find out what information AccessFares holds about me by writing AccessFares; and (d) I can view the AccessFares Privacy Policy at the following site: